Ministry Resources

Church Attendance Presentation – 2024

Supervised Field Education Program Policy

Worship Centre Review Proforma_- pdf

Worship Centre Review Proforma – docx

Church Attendance Presentation – 2023

Restructuring for Mission and Ministry – Daring to Live in Gods Future for Us

Parish Health Check template June 2023 – pdf

Parish Health Check template June 2023 – docx

Mission Planning Guidebook

Mission Planning Resources

NCLS – The Australian Community and the Australian Church

NCLS – How to learn from an NCLS Profile

NCLS – Sustainable Leadership

Being Anglican Part 1 Learning from Our Roots

Being Anglican Part 2  Learning from Global Perspectives

Jesus Shaped Life

Lambeth Bible Study

Church closure checklist

Centre Closure Workshop Presentation 2021

Liturgical suggestions for closing a church building

Sunday Morning Home Worship

Dr Wayne Brighton – Grafton Pioneer Ministry

Moving on with Mission

Ministering with the community

Diocesan Policy regarding Bully-proofing Clergy and Parishes

Robyn Whitaker – Book of Revelation

Robyn Whitaker – Power in Mark

Robyn Whitaker – Power, Fear, Trauma (OT)

Louise Whitaker – Prevention, Response, Recovery