Seeking Redress

The Anglican Diocese of Grafton will be seeking to become a participating organisation in the National Redress Scheme set up under Commonwealth Government legislation. Those who would be seeking redress from the Anglican Diocese of Grafton are advised to explore their rights under the National Redress Scheme. For more information, please call the National Redress Information Line on 1800 146 713.


The Anglican Church of Australia regards abuse particularly sexual abuse as a serious matter and over the past few years the Church has strengthened its policies and procedures that are followed when misconduct is reported.


The Anglican Diocese of Grafton is committed to supporting and seeking justice for victims of sexual abuse in our community and has set up a scheme of redress for victims. The scheme seeks to promote healing and avoid the trauma of legal challenges and avoids the need to provide high standards of evidence.


There are three major elements to our scheme of redress, being:

1. Monetary payments up to $75,000

2. Professional and independent counselling

3. Apology and (if desired) meeting with the Bishop or another senior representative of the church institution


If you wish to know more about redress please contact the Acting Professional Standards Director on 1800 070 511 

or by email to: