Policies & Procedures


GEN-001 Privacy Policy

GEN-002 Faithfulness in Service

GEN-003 Policy for use of Names of Dishonoured Persons

GEN-004 Prevention of Bullying and Harassment

GEN-005 Grievances

GEN-006 Background Checks and Minimum Training Standards for Community Protection

GEN-007 Handling Suspected Misconduct

GEN-008 Use of Social Media

GEN-009 Overseas Donations

Ministry Unit

MUP-001 Clergy Parental Leave Procedure

MUP-002 Clergy Housing Standards

MUP-003 Ministry Travel and Reimbursement

MUP-004 Extension and Alteration of Buildings Approval Process

MUP-005 Parish Delegations

MUP-006 Parish Facility Hire

MUP-007 Professional Supervision for Stipendiary Clergy and Stipendiary Lay Ministers

     Registration of Professional Supervision Form

     Annual Professional Supervision Statement

Fact Sheet for Parishes, Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 (NSW)

Guidelines for installation of Solar Power on Diocesan properties


REG-001 Administration Code of Conduct

REG-002 Staff Delegations 

REG-003 Retention of Records

REG-004 Compliance Register 

Corporate Trustees

CTS-001 Corporate Trustees Governance Policy

CTS-002 Corporate Trustees Investment Policy

CTS-003 Corporate Tustees – Parish Managed Investments Policy

Grafton Anglican Schools Commission

GASC-001 Principal Selection & Appointment

GASC-002 Schools Capital Development and Expenditure Policy and Process

GASC-003 Reporting and Accountability Framework 2017

GASC-004 Appointing and Reappointing Members of Governing Bodies of Diocesan Educational Institutions

Nomination Form

Governing Body Member Information Matirx