Policies & Procedures


GEN-001 Privacy Policy

GEN-002 Faithfulness in Service

GEN-003 Policy for use of Names of Dishonoured Persons

GEN-004 Prevention of Bullying and Harassment

GEN-005 Grievances

GEN-006 Background Checks and Minimum Training Standards for Community Protection

GEN-007 Handling Suspected Misconduct

GEN-008 Use of Social Media

Gen-009 Overseas Donations

Ministry Unit

MUP-001 Clergy Parental Leave Procedure

MUP-002 Clergy Housing Standards

MUP-003 Ministry Travel and Reimbursement

MUP-004 Extension and Alteration of Buildings Approval Process

MUP-005 Parish Delegations

MUP-006 Parish Facility Hire

Fact Sheet for Parishes, Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 (NSW)

Guidelines for installation of Solar Power on Diocesan properties


Reg-001 Administration Code of Conduct

REG-002 Staff Delegations 

REG-003 Retention of Records

REG-004 Compliance Register 

Corporate Trustees

CTS-001 Corporate Trustees Governance Policy

The Corporate Trustees Investment Policy