Diocesan Archdeacon

The Venerable Tiffany Sparks

The Diocesan Archdeacon is responsible for ministry training for licensed lay ministers and clergy, locum placements, safe ministry assessments, mentoring and discernment of ordination candidates and formation students. Assisting the Bishop with Presentation Boards and Vocations Panels and often acts as Commissary in the Bishop’s absence. The Diocesan Archdeacon assists the Bishop with a variety of various tasks from time to time.

Together with the Bishop and other senior leaders, the Diocesan Archdeacon helps to shape and live out mission and ministry across the diverse ministry contexts of the North Coast. The Ministry Development Officer is required to exercise this significant role of spiritual leadership with integrity, leading and working alongside large teams of clergy, lay people and volunteers.

Throughout her life some of the most influential conversations have been theological and philosophical in nature, which has encouraged her to reflect deeply on what being a Christian means and what that tells us about how to serve each other with love, respect and dignity. She has always been fascinated by how we develop as a culture, forming cultural norms and community narratives. This fascination has been with her from late teens, drawing her to pursue education in Social Sciences and Theology with honours in Pauline Literature.  Before ordination her ministry included working for the Department of Theology at ACU during honours studies and working for Griffith University as Chaplain. Previously Tiffany was involved in creating young mothers’ groups in Western Queensland, refugee and homelessness advocacy.

After having her son at a young age, she has been particularly concerned with people on the margins, who feel excluded from God and Church and seek to make the Church more accessible to everyone. Tiffany is also interested in exploring the online space with campaigns like repent4lent.org, where people are encouraged to reflect on current society and their own beliefs.

Tiffany is married to Grant and have a blended family of 6 children, a grandchild and 2 beautiful border collies.