Vision & Values

We are Anglican communities of God’s people embracing the Spirit of Christ in our time.

We are compassionate signs and channels of God’s reconciling transforming mission in the world.

Mission Statement

“We will encourage intentional and meaningful connections with the wider community, seeking to inspire transformation of life through faith in Jesus Christ.”


God’s grace revealed in Jesus Christ shapes and moulds our lives.

We continually seek to discern God’s revealing to be faithful in who we are and what we do.

We are open to change and to the development of innovative and responsive models of mission and ministry for our contemporary Australian context.

We work in collaborative partnerships with others to achieve our goals.

We honour the rich diversity of our Anglican heritage and culture.

We practise responsible and transparent stewardship of all that is entrusted in our care.

We Believe…

The essence of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is holiness and love expressed through mutual giving and receiving.

The Divine community is the model for Christians. It is not a closed community, but one-sided, reaching out and embracing. We are called to be the human community of God in the world, invited to mirror the divine giving and receiving action.