Crest and Vision Logo

Diocesan Crest and Coat of Arms

Anglican Diocese of Grafton

The coat of arms for the diocese, of which the crest is the main part, was registered by the college of arms 4th April 1959. The actual coat of arms is in the Diocesan Office.

The chi-ro monogram (P over X in Latin characters, CH over R in Greek characters) is a very ancient symbol for Christ. The shells are emblems of pilgrimage, suitable for a pilgrim church. The blue and white wavy lines represent the rivers of the diocese. The mitre at the top stresses that it is the coat of arms of an episcopal diocese, that is the See of a bishop.


Grafton Ministry Logo

Grafton Ministry

The blue lines which form the cross are representative of the rivers that traverse our diocese and are symbolic of the Cross of Salvation. The cross representation is surrounded by a circle of smaller circles representing the People of God – individuals, faith communities, “ministry units” – gathered together around a common centre. It is a permeable circle of dots, indicating that the Church is not a closed community; we can reach out and invite more people to come and join us at the cross, and to live into the faith that Christ Jesus died and rose again for us. We are invited into his work of salvation that God offers to the world – to the whole of creation.

All “ministry units” (including parishes, schools, chaplaincies, agencies and groups) are encouraged to use this logo (with the Diocesan Crest) on all communications. The artwork (in electronic form) is available from the Registry.