Grafton Anglican Schools Commission

The Anglican Diocese of Grafton has five Anglican schools created by the Diocese under the Anglican Church of Australia (Bodies Corporate) Act 1938 (NSW). Each of those schools are self managing and operating under a similar constitution with a School Council. The school constitutions are created as an ordinance of the Diocese of Grafton.

The Grafton Anglican Schools Commission was established under a Diocese of Grafton Ordinance to assist the Diocese by providing oversight of the five Anglican schools. The Commission monitors school performance and sets policies and procedures where they are required for the Diocesan oversight or provide a useful commonality among the Anglican schools. The Commission also fosters cooperation between schools.

Anglican Schools Grafton Diocese Ethos Statement

The Anglican Diocese of Grafton and It’s Diocesan Schools


Grafton Anglican Schools Commission

Ministry Unit Reporting Accounts and Audit Ordinance 2012

Bishop Druitt College Constitution

Clarence Valley Anglican School Constitution

Emmanuel Anglican College Constitution

Lindisfarne Anglican School Constitution

St Columba Anglican School Constitution

The St Columba Anglican School Foundation Constitution

The Lismore Parish Centre Pre School Constitution

Policies and Procedures

GASC-001 Principal Selection Process

GASC-002 Schools Capital Development and Expenditure Policy and Process

GASC-003 Reporting and Accountability Framework 2017