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From preaching to the choir to shifting fence sitters

By Peter Branjerdporn. In 2012, I spent a year on the Thailand-Burma border volunteering as a pharmacist-trainer in a refugee health and community centre. There, I became friends with people seeking safety from one of the world’s longest civil wars, and started advocating for stateless Rohingya families in the region via social media. When I […]

Tips when talking to people with Asperger’s Syndrome

By Tom Hammer. Upon returning home from a large barbeque gathering one evening, my mum asked, “Hey, Tom! Who was at the barbeque?” “Sam,” I replied, telling her the name of the person who turned the sausages and steaks at the grill. It’s easy for people like me to misunderstand what is being asked. At […]

Relating with God

By Sr Helen Jamieson CSC. Everyone and everything in our universe is unique, which suggests to me that everyone and everything has a relationship with God which is both similar and different. We are all embodied in our Creator’s one overwhelming love, while also being individuals with our own special experience of prayer or relationship with […]

Around the Diocese

Check out these recent pics of Bishop Murray and community members across the Diocese

News from the Registry

By Chris Nelson, Registrar/General Manager. 2021 Synod COVID-19 has had its impact on our diaries again. Unfortunately, our plans for holding Synod in Grafton on the first weekend in August have had to be changed. Under the current health orders, we would not be able to get sufficient people into the venue. Synod members are […]

Connecting times

By Sr Helen Jamieson CSC. Connecting with others and developing relationships becomes particularly important in today’s ‘changing times’. It is also a basic aspect of life for all of us as interconnected beings sharing one planet, and therefore, in a sense, as kin. For example, we humans need plants, trees and minerals for housing; plants and […]

From accidental double agent to more effective advocate

By Michelle McDonald, North Coast Anglican Editor. I was raised by a psychologist mother who, looking back now, was years ahead of her time when it came to language use. I remember being in the car with her when I was roughly 13 years old in the late 1980s and her gently, but clearly, correcting […]