The Anglican Diocese of Grafton has a number of ordinances, policies and procedures relating to the conduct of its members, clergy, employees, volunteers and visitors.


The major ordinances relating to matters of conduct are:

Professional Standards Ordinance 2004

Clergy Discipline Ordinance 1966

Episcopal Standards Canon 2007

Episcopal Standards (Child Protection) Canon 2017


Please refer to Documents/Ordinances on this site for the text of the first two of this list.

Please refer to the website of the Anglican Church of Australia for the text of the last two which are Canons of the General Synod adopted by the Synod of the Diocese of Grafton.c


The major policies and procedures relating to matters of conduct are:

GEN-002 Faithfulness in Service

REG-001 Administration Code of Conduct

GEN-004 Prevention of Bullying and Harassment

GEN-005 Grievances

GEN-007 Handling Suspected Misconduct


Each of these policy and procedure documents can be located at Documents/Policies & Procedures on this site.