Diocesan Governance and COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has tested the decision making of governments, businesses and leaders around the world and of course it has been a focus of governance bodies across the Diocese of Grafton.

Many governance bodies have been holding extra meetings by videoconference to stay informed of a fast-evolving situation.

The following are just a sample of the matters under consideration:

  • The Bishop and senior clergy leadership have been discussing how to safely conduct ministry and ultimately made a decision to suspend gatherings for worship. They have continued to discuss supporting parishes and ministers in operating in the “social distancing”.
  • The Bishop-in-Council has been prioritising the financial support of parishes and maintaining paid employment and stipended roles wherever possible. A letter was sent out to parish leaders to explain a number of Bishop-in-Council decisions.
  • The Synod session planned for 27 June to consider the restructuring proposals has been cancelled. The consultation period will continue as planned but the discussion at Synod will be deferred until the first weekend in September.
  • The Corporate Trustees and Board of Anglican Funds Grafton Diocese have been reviewing the financial environment and the actions needed for AFGD and trust investments in this environment.
  • The Grafton Anglican Schools Commission has been hosting regular videoconferences of School principals and Chairs of School Councils to exchange information, learnings and, where appropriate, to agree on a common approach.

The Anglican Diocese of Grafton is blessed to have skilled and committed people in these key decision making bodies. Undoubtedly, there will be plenty more decisions to be made before the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

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  • John Barrett says:

    Appreciate the advices contained within this email.
    The parishes welcome the strong, compassionate and encouraging leadership from our Diocese and I commend Bishop Murray, Registrar Chris, B-I-C, Corporate Trustees, AFGD, and School Principals, Chairs and Councils.
    Regular updates from the Diocese are very welcome as we live in this “splendid isolation” period.
    My prayers are focused on our leaders in the Diocese, PM and the National Cabinet,and particularly for our health clinicians.
    As a member of the Mid North Coast Local Health District, we are at the fore-front of the COVID-19 issue

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