Covid 19 Support Fund

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Dear friend of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton,

As you would know, the restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak are putting a strain on many parts of our society and some of that strain is financial with income disappearing and with financial uncertainty. Every family has been impacted.

The churches of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton are not spared from these unusual financial pressures. Parishes need to maintain their paid clergy and other paid workers to meet both new and continuing ministry needs. At this time, we are seeing a blossoming of new forms of on-line ministry and greater efforts to contact members by telephone and other means.

However, Parishes are trying to do this when their working funds have dropped suddenly as a result of all gatherings being cancelled and with Op Shops and other parish facilities closed.

This situation has created financial pressures beyond the resources of most Parishes and is putting in jeopardy vital community ministries.

The unprecedented level of government assistance will certainly be a help and is most welcome. The Bishop-in-Council has also waived various Parish contributions to provide its assistance to Parishes. But despite this help, it is expected that more financial assistance is needed for Parishes to see this crisis through.

To help maintain Parish ministry and the jobs of paid churchworkers through this crisis, the Bishop and Bishop-in-Council have opened a special appeal. The Anglican Diocese of Grafton COVID-19 Support Fund.

Contributions to this fund will go first to maintaining paid roles of churchworkers across the Diocese, whether located in Parishes, the Registry or special ministries such as chaplaincies.

Secondly, funds will be used to maintain the viability of Parish ministry by ensuring that Parishes can meet their other financial obligations (e.g. utility charges, lease payments).

Finally, when we are on the other side of the COVID-19 emergency, the appeal will be closed, and any remaining funds will be used for Parish support.

Can you assist by giving to this appeal to maintain vital Parish ministries? Anglican Funds Grafton Diocese will be assisting by being the collection point for the appeal. I have attached to this email a form where you can opt to make either a ‘once only’ contribution or a regular deduction.

I hope that you are in a position where you can assist the churchworkers and Parishes of the Diocese of Grafton and will be willing to prayerfully consider helping in this way.

Yours in Christ’s service

Chris Nelson
Anglican Diocese of Grafton